Manuscript Magic

Editing Services


What I Do

I offer developmental, copy/line, and structural editing for writers looking to self-publish or seek traditional publishing. I'm not affiliated with any agents or publishing houses, but I can offer assistance with submitting query letters, finding agents, setting up websites, or organizing advertising campaigns. I will accept books from most genres, but I don't work with erotica.

What I Charge

For most projects I ask for .013 per word. This will not change unless I find myself making major changes and spending significantly more time per page than usual. I don't change this number without clearing it with you first, and I don't charge by the hour, so what I ask for to start is the number we'll end with.

I request 50% up front for the first half of the book, and then 50% to complete the second half. I accept payments through PayPal, but can use Western Union if necessary.

What to Expect

Once I receive your file(s) and begin work, I'll update you as I reach certain milestones to keep you up to date on its progress. I'll also contact you whenever I have any questions. You're welcome to contact me at any point during the process, but if you have a deadline, I need to know about this before we begin.

When I'm finished, you will receive two documents: the edited document with Track Changes and notes, and a separate critique. The critique is where I add any details that won't fit into a simple note, or where I'll put general developmental critique. Where necessary, I'll have a note in the original document referring you to the critique so there's no confusion.

At this point the document is yours. You can accept or deny any changes and suggestions I've made, and you can also email me with any questions about notes or further suggestions. I can also look over your document again when you're finished, and I generally don't ask anything for this unless you want me to edit the entire document again.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact me using the contact form.

My Experience

I have worked as an editor in various mediums, from online magazines and newspapers to technical documents, since 2009. I have been editing books since 2011. From the writer's side of things, I have been writing professionally since 2006 and have written and published many books of my own, which has given me experience in everything from formatting to writing query letters to running ad campaigns.


"I really recommend Manuscript Magic as an agency that will help you prepare your book for publishing. Here you will meet people who will follow your directions and wishes, as well as will serve you their experience and advice. With Manuscript Magic, you will easily adopt your book to the standards of a publisher and not ruin yourself financially."
Justyna Plichta-Jendzio

"I researched several editing services before coming across Manuscript Magic. By far, it was the best! They really exceeded my expectation by providing invaluable feedback and working on my novel until I was satisfied with the product. Most editors out there are not willing to look at your document more than twice. So I was really impressed that Manuscript Magic looked at different aspects of my novel each time I had a request. The editing was detailed and they worked quickly, handling my 130K document with ease. Overall, I highly recommend them because they are professional, thorough and timely! And not to mention, they’ll format your document any way you want, which saves so much time for the author."
Chloe Corin

"As a writer, I need an editor to make sure my work looks good; I don't know that I'd go to anyone else for that! I've had both of my novels edited here and I love how thorough the editing is. I don't mean to sound cliché, but this is probably the only editor I'm going to use!"
Chris Lovato